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Welcome to House of Botanicals

I am so excited that you’ve taken the time to stop by and check out House of Botanicals.

Before I start posting regular content, I would like to first do an introductory post sharing a bit about myself and talk about what House of Botanicals is all about.


My name is Wendy and I love flowers. I was not always the flower junkie that I am now. As a matter of fact, my passion for flowers is relatively new.

After voluntarily leaving corporate America, I transitioned into the world of urban agriculture. Yes. You read that correctly. I went from cubicle life to urban farming after enrolling in an intensive agriculture training program in 2014.

I developed an interest in flowers after visiting one of Detroit’s first flower farms, Fresh Cut, with my fellow ag cohorts. Touring the quaint farm on Detroit’s west side opened my mind to the idea of focusing my new agriculture skills on growing flowers professionally. Don’t get me wrong, I will always grow food for myself and my family, but herbs and flowers are my passion.

In 2015, I discovered that the owner of Fresh Cut was looking to hire a few people to work on her farm. I jumped at the opportunity to apply for one of the positions.  Blessings abound, Sarah, the owner of Fresh Cut, extended an offer for me to join her crew. I accepted the offer. The experience working at Fresh Cut is one I’ll never forget.

In addition to having my new dream job, I also tried out my new growing skills by growing my own flowers and herbs. I grew zinnias, cosmos, asters, sunflowers, celosia, calendula, chamomille, and parsley.

I have since purchased some land to start my farm. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am up for the challenge.


Pictured above is a photo of me at Fresh Cut holding a bundle of bouquets that I made and a few photos of some of the flowers that I grew.


So what is this House of Botanicals all about? Well, if I had to sum it up into a few words, I would say: House of Boatanicals is an online destination for botanical enthusiasts with a focus on sharing ways to enjoy the beauty of botanicals in everyday living.

Below you will find the 5 categories that I have created for House of Botanicals, along with a synopsis of what each category is about.



LIFESTYLE is where you will find posts that focus on how to bring the beauty of botanicals into your home, such as decorating with flowers, how to create an indoor succulent garden, to how to make natural cleaning products using essential oils.



FOOD + DRINK is where you will find posts that focus on how to marry the deliciousness of fresh herbs and edible flowers into main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.



BEAUTY is where you will find posts that focus on how to merge botanicals in your everyday beauty routine.



WELLNESS is where you will find posts that focus on the many uses of herbs, plants, and flowers in natural healing.

[Image Credit: Flickr user/aquamechanical]
[Image Credit: Flickr user Hafiz Issadeen]
[Image Credit: Pro Flowers]

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